Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 20 | September 1st

Today was Cam, Katharine and Paddy's last day in Hawaii so we spent most of the day with them by the pool.

We relaxed in the morning and had a late breakfast and then we joined them at a couple of cabana's by the pool. Ashleigh and Paddy swam and swam and swam, playing throw with Paddy's little rugby ball. Ashleigh and me against Poppa and Paddy. Going down the slide again and again. Attacking each other and trying to give Paddy kisses. It was so lovely to see the two of them playing so well together.

And it was so hot and big gusts of wind kept coming through the complex as well but that was great to cool things down.

Late afternoon when Paddy was tired out from all the swimming he went back to the room for a rest before dinner and Ashleigh headed to the surf beach with Scott. They played in the surf for over an hour and Ashleigh had an absolute ball.

Ashleigh and I both got a little too much sun today but luckily the sun in Hawaii doesn't burn like it does in NZ.

We all meet for a very early dinner at 4.30pm at PF Chang's again so Paddy could eat before falling asleep at dinner. After dinner everyone came back to our Penthouse for a farewell drink before a reasonably early night.

Ashleigh has loved spending so much time with Paddy in Hawaii and they have both got to know each other so much better. And she has also done so much swimming with Grammy and Poppa including them taking her down the slide on many occasions and Grammy even took her into the sea. She has had such a lovely time with them all.

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