Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 19 | August 31st

Ashleigh was awake at 6am again today so I was up early as well. I had a shower and we went downstairs to find the complimentary coffee. We decided it would probably be a good idea to have breakfast while we were there so we had breakfast and took Scott back a coffee, bagel and bacon for his breakfast.

We all then meet the shuttle bus at 8.30am to take us out to the premium outlet stores beyond Pearl Harbour. We had a few hours there before getting the 12pm shuttle bus back to the hotel. So, we all split up and went shopping. Scott was instructed to find some new shoes/sneakers and he came back with two pairs one causal and one a little dressy. Ashleigh and I got a few clothes. We certainly didn't shop as well as Cam and Katharine.

When we got back I headed straight to the laundromat to finally get our laundry done and Ashleigh had a date with Katharine. Her birthday present was getting her nails done. They were amazing, her thumbs were decorated with the Hawaiian Hibiscus flower drawn free hand and the others were just a lovely bright coral colour. She also got a lovely bright Mac lipstick. She was very happy and had such a fun time.....a big treat.

We then all meet next door at Dukes for a late lunch, early dinner to celebrate Denis' 70th birthday. It was early because Paddy hasn't been having an afternoon nana nap and was getting very tired in the early evening.

We were all done by 5pm and went back to our room for a drink and to kill some time before Paddy was to go to bed at 6.30pm. When Grammy and Poppa took him back to their place to go to bed I suggested we take a walk along the beach to see the sunset.

We had a lovely walk, Ashleigh played in the shallows and the sunset was truly amazing. I took a photo of her with the sunset behind and a group of Asian woman asked her to pose for them as was very funny. While I took photos and enjoyed watching the sunset go down Ashleigh slowly got wetter and wetter, getting deeper and deeper in the surf.

After the sun went we started walking back along the beach and Ashleigh continued to play in the water. By the time we got back to the hotel she was almost totally soaked but just to make sure she squatted down as a wave came over her and got totally soaked. She was sooo happy, this was her favourite moment of her Hawaii holdiay.

She was then straight in the shower and it was an early night for all.

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