Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cooking Class with Ana Schwarz

Ashleigh was excited to go to Ana's parent and child cooking class again these school holidays after having so much fun and making a yummy meal last time.

This time we made Three Cheese Ravioli with Poached Prawns and Brown Butter Sauce for main and Mini Trifles for dessert. As she demonstrated how to make them our mouths were watering, both looked so good.

Then it was our turn. We cooked on islands in groups of four so the other mum and daughter on our island made the Mini Trifles and Ashleigh and I made the Ravioli dish. I just advised and supervised while Ashleigh did most of the preparing and cooking herself. She finely chopped the shallots, mixed the filling, poached the prawns, put half the ravioli together and cooked them. I helped with putting the other half of the ravioli together and making the brown butter sauce.

Once again Ana was impressed with the skill of the kids doing the cooking and she commented on how good Ashleigh's cooked ravioli looked.

After all the hard work in the kitchen we got to sit and enjoy the fruits of our labour and it was so delicious. The ravioli just melted in our mouths. We had three each and Ashleigh surprised my by eating everything on her plate, she must have loved them as much as I did.

And the mini trifles were amazing with the different layers of fruit, biscuits, jelly, chocolate drops and cream. All with special little touches and it came together beautifully. We both loved the trifle but it was quite sweet and filling so none of us managed to eat it all.

Ana did a great job of making it all look so easy and we enjoyed ourselves again so much that we will be signing up for the next one.

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